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Playing with your brain since 2000


We are a video game developer founded in January 2000 by Alexis and Cédric Le Dressay.
Our passions: video games, strategy, history, military and techno-thrillers.
Our obsession: to develop the most awesome Real-Time Strategy games ever.
Located in the heart of Paris, France, our team includes 40 talented people with strong experience in the video game industry.



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Handcrafted with passion and powered by our in-house 3D engine IRISZOOM, our Real-Time Strategy games offer exciting strategical and tactical challenges to the most demanding players.

Steel Division 2

Lead your army on the Eastern Front in the sequel of the critically-acclaimed Tactical-RTS.

Steel Division: Normandy 44

Challenging, rewarding and historically accurate, it brings new mechanics in the RTS genre.

Wargame: Red Dragon

The third episode of the million-seller franchise Wargame let you command 17 nations and over 1450 units.

Wargame: AirLand Battle

Air forces join the sequel of the explosive RTS Wargame. Control over 750 units in a dynamic campaign and multiplayer modes.

Wargame: European Escalation

An intense and spectacular RTS game, where realism and strategy are brought to the front lines.


A strategic war game set during WWII which focus on the invasion of Nazi Germany during late 1944.

Act of War: Direct Action

A RTS experience putting players in control of counterterrorist forces and giving them a first look at tomorrow's war.

Act of Aggression

An explosive RTS putting players in one of the world's most volatile conflict zones.