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Eugen Systems is a French video game development studio founded in 2000 by Alexis and C├ędric Le Dressay in Paris, France. It all started in a small appartment where the two brothers, soon joined by a growing team, developed their first game: Times of Conflict.

Located in the heart of the city of lights, we develop demanding Real-Time Strategy & Tactical games, awesome mix of exciting realistic combat and smart planning and execution. We like to torture your brain and your nerves, and we do it well.

Our team counts veterans from the videogame industry, as well as talented people from various backgrounds. We even have our very own Phd. in Military History, the famous MadMat, guardian of the historical accuracy of our games.

All of our games are developed on our in-house, crafted with love IrisZoom engine, allowing crazy seamless zoom for a unique tactical experience, from the global view of a battlefield to the extreme details of every unit in the blink of an eye.

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