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It has been a long time community request … which we are now happy to satisfy: bringing new maps to Act of Aggression!

We had been busy working on the Reboot Edition so far (as well Wargame‘s Map Packs), hence why additional maps were put on hold for some time. But now our map builders are back at work. And the first one will be released during the beta: Lucha Libre.


As its name suggests, it is built with the Mexican decor set. It was labeled that way for, unlike most maps being played by pushing forward, this one has a tendency to be fought from all sides, using side deposits to bounce back toward the center. Just like on a wrestling ring … or its Mexican counterpart, Lucha Libre.

Lucha Libre

As Senior Game Designer Fabien Reiner describes it, “our intention was to create a dedicated 2v2 map, but with more freedom than ‘Rock & a Hard Place’“. To that effect, terrain & road network are allowing both the installation of strongpoints and a a great liberty of movement.

All those strongpoints can be bypassed, hence one should not focus too much on destroying them … or counting on them to cordon a flank. I.e. to bet all his chips on securing the center while letting its flanks open would mean taking huge risks!”. To sum up: “More than ever, map control is essential“.


Teammates should cooperate to defend their common starting plateau, all the while scouting the byways to find gaps in the enemy plan or plug the holes leading to their own bases. “Banks & deposits have been arranged in such a way as to steer the fighting toward a central frontline spreading from one side to the other, while the plateau and road system were designed to make defense impossible all along the line. Therefore, there is always a way to sneak in“.

This map was also designed with community feedbacks in mind: there are more oil deposits per player than on any other maps in order to ensure a sustained income of $, and arranged in a way as to reward players taking risks and expanding outside of their allocated base.





  • mchael grayson
    March 6, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    how do i download these to add to aggression?

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