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The Steel Division 2 Beta is Now Live

The Steel Division 2 Beta is now live and will be playable until the Game’s Release on June 20th! It features all the 18 Divisions and 600+ units of the game, as well as 5 gorgeous maps and 4 exciting game modes!

Pre-Order the game now through our online shop, on Steam, Gamesplanet or Humble Bundle and play the Beta now!

Useful resources

First things first, the Beta Manual is available on this link.

Our Skirmish Let’s Play video shows the game in action and explains the basic game mechanics:

Also, you can learn how to make the perfect Batllegroup with this video:

Reporting bugs, technical issues, crashes, and sharing your feedback

Steel Division 2 is still in beta. That means that you might encounter some of the last remaining bugs or glitches. It also means that we want to hear from you. If you do find something untoward, please make sure to report it through this form [/url]. Also, when the game crashes, an automatic email is sent to Eugen, with all the technical details we need. However, if you feel we need more details to find and provide a fix, don’t hesitate to drop us a line to give us a more comprehensive bug report.

The Steel Division 2 FAQ will be continuously updated throughout all the beta. Let us know what you think! If you don’t wait to wait, let us know your constructive feedback through the Steam Beta forums. We read every single comment and suggestion, and try to answer each one as much as possible. Lastly: trolling, abusive language, or any message that doesn’t follow the Steamhub’s rules will be moderated. Treat each other with respect. We play hard, commander, but fair.

Good luck commander!

Papa Yankee

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