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Play with all the 18 Divisions and 600 units in the Steel Division 2 Beta!

The Steel Division 2 Beta will start on Wednesday, May 29th at 3PM CEST for the players who pre-ordered the game, and will be playable Non-Stop until the game’s release on June 20th!

Pre-Order the game now through our online shop, on Steam, Gamesplanet or Humble Bundle to secure your access to the Beta! Time to have a look to the monstruous Beta content!

Play with all the Divisions and Units

As the news’ title reads, all the Divisions & Units of the game will be playable throughout the beta. This means 18 Divisions, 9 in each camp, and more than 600 units! Obviously, you will have access to the Deck Builder, and will be able to play in Skirmish in solo, multiplayer and coop up to 5v5 players.

Here’s the complete content:

18 Divisions

  • 2nd Guards Tank Corps
  • 29th Tank Corps
  • 3rd Guards Mechanized Corps
  • Manoeuver Group “Tyurin”
  • Manoeuver Group “Bezugly”
  • 9th Guards Cavalry Division
  • 26th Guards Rifle Division
  • 44th Guards Rifle Division
  • 184th Rifle Division
  • 5. Panzerdivision
  • 20. Panzerdivision
  • 78. Sturmdivision
  • 28. Jägerdivision
  • 14. Infanterie-Division
  • Gruppe Harteneck
  • Köruck 559
  • 1. Lovas Hadosztály
  • 12. Tartalékos Hadosztály

5 Maps

  • Orsha North
  • Vitebsk East
  • Tsell
  • Lyakhavichy
  • Autobahn zur Hölle

4 Game Modes

  • Conquest
  • Closer Combat
  • Breakthrough
  • 5-Player Online Coop

The Beta will be updated with awesome content until the game’s release.

Get prepared!

If you’re new to Steel Division 2, don’t hesitate to check out our Skirmish Let’s Play video, 19 minutes of pure love and joy on the Eastern Front:

If you haven’t, be sure to check out the Beta Manual on this link. You can also learn how to build your perfect Battlegroup in this Deck Building video:

Bug reports, technical issues, crashes, and your feedback

Steel Division 2 is still in beta. That means that you might encounter some of the last remaining bugs or glitches. It also means that we want to hear from you. If you do find something untoward, please make sure to report it  through this form. Also, when the game crashes, an automatic email is sent to Eugen, with all the technical details we need.

However, if you feel we need more details to find and provide a fix, don’t hesitate to drop us a line to give us a more comprehensive bug report. The Steel Division 2 FAQ will be continuously updated throughout all the beta phases. With Steel Division 2 being in beta, it also means that we want to hear your battle reports; what you liked, what you disliked, what you missed in the game.

We will send you a survey at one point in the beta, with a questionnaire that will cover all the different aspects of the game. Let us know what you think! If you don’t wait to wait, let us know your constructive feedback through the Steam Beta forums. We read every single comment and suggestion, and try to answer each one as much as possible. Lastly: trolling, abusive language, or any message that doesn’t follow the Steamhub’s rules will be moderated. Treat each other with respect. We play hard, commander, but fair.

Good luck commander!

Papa Yankee

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