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Dev Diary #3: Welcome to the Armory

Merry Christmas to you all! Here at the Eugen headquarters, we are back again with a new dev diary before the year’s end. This time we are going to talk about a feature in Steel Division 2 that we have brought over from Wargame: Red Dragon due to popular demand. Today’s topic is our in-game virtual museum: The Armory.

Virtual Museum

In the last dev diary we talked about how we take our community’s feedback to heart. We listen to what you have to say, and we always look if we can change something for the better. Without your feedback and comments, we wouldn’t be able to do this.

Steel Division 2 - WW2 RTS - Armory

The new Armory is precisely one of those fan-favorite features that we have worked hard on to implement in Steel Division 2 because you asked for it. Fans of our Wargame-series will recognize this mode. In Steel Division 2, the Armory is not only a virtual museum where you will be able to inspect each and every one of the 600 historically correct units that we feature, but also compare their weapons and stats, research their strengths and weaknesses, and customize their camouflage among other things. This is also the place where you will be able to learn all about the personal histories of the game’s exclusive Aces – Steel Division 2’s one-of-a-kind leaders and their iconic vehicles.

Steel Division 2 - WW2 RTS - Armory

Weapon Expert

We put in countless hours into creating each unit, from your regular boots-on-the ground Schützen infantry squad to the mighty Tiger II tank or the rarest, one-of-a-kind prototype. You can admire all these up close in our super detailed, custom-made hangar, where you can rotate the camera and zoom in on the tiniest of details of our 3D models. From designing the initial specs to the modeling department and the animation team, we put in a lot of effort to make sure the units you see are not only historically accurate but also beautiful to look at.

Steel Division 2 - WW2 RTS - Armory

Behind the scenes

The Armory also allows you to check out the detailed statistics for each unit and vehicle, including their primary and secondary weapons and associated ammunition, search by type or nationality, compare them to other units, and all in all, allow you to become a certified weapon expert. This mode will be your go-to place to figure out the strengths and weaknesses for each individual unit. The level of detail is much greater compared to Steel Division: Normandy 44, and is updated to reflect the new tactical gameplay in Steel Division 2. For instance, players can now check the thickness of the armor plating (in realistic mm’s) on each side of a vehicle, find the armor penetration, suppression, damage and blast value of a weapon, and investigate the capabilities of different tank shells and bullets. Other basic info, such as road speed, level of optics, production year, type of unit, rate of fire, maximum fire range, is also available.

Steel Division 2 - WW2 RTS - Armory

New statistics


The Armory also allows you to customize the camouflage of a select number of units in Steel Division 2. These Camos, as we call them, are unique cosmetic patterns that can be applied to a select number of units. One of the places where you can get the Camos is on our pre-order webstore, where we offer four different pre-order editions of Steel Division 2. Regardless of which version you choose, you’ll be the proud owner of not only 2 exclusive Camos but also the same number of Aces, receive access to the closed beta ahead of launch, and ten DLC for free. Be sure to check out the pre-order if you haven’t done so already!

Happy New Year!

That’s it for this dev diary. We will be back next year with a brand new one. Keep your eyes peeled on the newsletter (sign up here if you haven’t done so); and before you leave, make sure to wishlist Steel Division 2 on Steam.

The whole team at Eugen wishes you all the best for the last remaining days of 2018, and of course, 2019! May the new year be as inspiring and exciting for you as it will be for us.

Papa Yankee

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