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First previews & a brand-new In-Game trailer

Last week, Alexis & myself traveled to gamescom in Cologne to present Steel Division 2 to selected journalists: The Dynamic Strategic Campaigns, the new Real-Time Tactical Combat, the Armory (Yes! It’s back!), as well as our brand-new In-Game trailer:

Summing up the gamescom demo, this trailer was entirely made in-house and shot using the in-game camera. It was a bit early to make a gameplay trailer, because most of the interface is still Work in Progress, but don’t worry, we’ll get there.

The first previews are in!

In total, 35 journalists (plus Protosszocker, a very lucky player and manager of the Steel Division League) saw Steel Division 2 for the first time and they are sharing their thoughts on what they saw.

You can find some fine reading here:


  • PC Gamer – “everything the last game was missing”
  • PC World – “I’ll certainly be back to admire Steel Division II in all its wargame glory”
  • WCCFTECH – “It can’t come soon enough.”


  • Spieltester – “Wer ein Auge fürs Detail hat, sich für Geschichte und Strategiespiele interessiert oder sich einfach auf den Geschichtsunterricht vorbereiten will kann sich auf den März 2019 freuen.”
  • TotallyGamerGirl – “Bei Steel Division 2 sind nicht nur die Zahlen gewaltig. Die historische Genauigkeit verleiht dem Titel einen ganz eigenen Charme.”
  • Buffed



  • Pixelvault – “het is nu al duidelijk dat dit weer een game wordt voor echte kenners van de Tweede Wereldoorlog-geschiedenis”



We’ll update the list everyday.

Steel Division 2 - gamescom preview

A quick look at our journey to gamescom 2018

With more than 350,000 visitors, gamescom is one of the biggest events of the gaming industry, and going there as an indie was a first for us. As Steel Division 2 wasn’t ready yet to be in the public area, we had a booth in the business area, as part of the “Creative France” program.

The booth was nothing comparable to the crazy ones on the public area, but for the first time in 18 years, it was ours!

Steel Division 2 - gamescom 2018 demo

Alexis is showing Steel Division 2 to a lucky journalist. Obviously, the screen is hidden in the photo.

The demo was 30-minutes long and started with a bit of historical context, as Operation Bagration, despite its incredible size, is not as famous as The Invasion of Normandy, at least in Europe. After a couple of slides, we explained how the new 1:1-scale Dynamic Strategic Campaigns worked: battalions’ movements, stats, historical accuracy, everything!

We can easily tell that Protosszocker’s in love.

We then showed an autoresolved combat before jumping into action, detailing the new scale of the combat, the new combat dynamics and the new art direction. The new Armory wrapped up the demo, where IS-2 (my personal favorite so far), IL-4 and FW 190 were displayed in their shiny backdrop with all of their detailed statistics.

Gamescom was an amazing experience, we met a lot of people (some hardcore fans amongst the journalists too!).

Gamescom 2018

See you next year?

Oh, and also… new screenshots!

We know that you’re always in need of new wallpapers, so here are a couple of new screenshots. Enjoy!

Steel Division 2 - gamescom preview

The new Armory. #NoFilter.


Steel Division 2 - gamescom preview

You might wonder what this IS-2 is doing surrounded by StuGs. The answer: It’s a Beute, a captured one.


Steel Division 2 - gamescom preview

Spoiler alert: You’ll spend hours just watching at models. Guaranteed.


Steel Division 2 - gamescom preview

The Stalin’s organ in action.

Stay tuned! We’ll go in-depth into gameplay in the coming weeks, and we have plenty of stuff to reveal before the game’s release.

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