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Let’s start #16 (Reboot Edition): A few tips …

Here are a few tips to help you improve your skills in Act of Aggression: Reboot Edition:


  • Build your refineries as close as possible to the extractor in order to make your tanker units more profitable and speed up your income.
  • If your refinery is strictly adjacent to your extractor, the “golden number” of tankers to maximize your profits is 3. If you play Cartel, 2 are enough, only build a third if your refinery has been placed at some distance (it might be useful to extend your construction range).
  • Since $ is now the only resources, prisons are much more important than they were in the “vanilla” edition, since 5 inmates will pay the prison off and will bring in as much cash as an admin center.
  • Since you know where all the oil deposits are, you can have a pretty good idea where your enemy will expand their base. Make sure to scout those areas and to take advantage of undefended ones to cripple your enemy’s economy.
  • Do not hesitate to skirmish for enemy refineries, or to bomb them to oblivion, for they bring in more cash than banks.


  • Cartel refineries generate building range: you can therefore expand from any oil deposit to quickly set a secondary base. But keep in mind that, unlike other factions, the enemy will know always where to find them (among a limited number of possibilities), thus make sure to always protect them, even with a SkyGuard turret!
  • Do not hesitate to set a secondary base in strategic locations, either to fortification a position, or be able to produce units closer from the frontline, …
  • Remember that the HQ is not the only building able to produce builder unit, each faction has another one which can takeover that role: Logistical Center for the US Army, Vehicle Bay for Chimera & Helipad for Cartel.
  • Unlike the MG Nest, US Army’s Phalanx & Patriot can be built anywhere on the map, without requiring to be within the building range of another infrastructure. This is a feature not to be underestimated!
  • Chimera’s Prison doesn’t require being build adjacent to the Barracks anymore. It simplifies base building and allows you to place them in more secure locations.
  • US Army’s Valor & Chimera’s Osprey can do some “heavy lifting”: they are able to transport builder units in their cargo hold to unload it anywhere on the battlefield. A perfect way to spread chaos behind enemy lines!



  • Since advanced units don’t require new resource types anymore, it is important to keep scouting the enemy to situate your enemy as part of the arms/technological race.
  • For Chimera players, keep in mind that the Rhino was relocated to the Support Bay, and the Ninja to the Helipad (now available from the start).
  • Jet fighters now strike much faster, which means they will have less time to engage a single target, making them both harder to be caught by enemy missiles, but also less efficient against a single target. On the other hand, carrying now unlimited ammunitions, they can engage multiple targets over a long distance.

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