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Let’s start #06 : Advanced economics

Collecting resources is one way to get cash to buy units. But it is not always sufficient, nor is it the only way to make money. It’s now time for you to know the other ways to be an economics boss.


The Heist

First, you have banks set on the maps, for you to rob … secure.

Such buildings are highlighted on your minimap by a yellow square.

Banks come in three sizes (small, medium & large) depending on the amount of money held in their safe, and which players will cash in by occupying them.
The more money, the longer it will take to drain them.

Let’s start #06 : Advanced economics
Let’s start #06 : Advanced economics

To secure one of them you’ll have to bring at least one infantry unit inside. 
All infantry units can get in, apart from the US Mortar.
Six soldiers can fit in (weapon crews count as two), and the more soldier you have inside, the faster you will pocket the money.

Three feedbacks on the banks are displayed, respectively from top to bottom: the building’s hit points (green bar), the amount of money remaining (yellow bar) and the number of soldiers currently occupying it.

Saving private Ryan

Another way to make money is to get stranded crew back to your base.

When a vehicle or aircraft is destroyed, there is always a chance that one (or more) crew member manage to survive. Unarmed, still recovering from shock, they are easy prey for the enemy. Yet, if you managed to bring them back to your HQ, you will get cash as reward. High command has invested an awful lot of money to train those guys, and they’re always happy to recover them! 

 To order crew survivors back to your base, just select them then click on the Evacuation icon.

When they reach your base or your hospital, you’ll earn money.

Let’s start #06 : Advanced economics

Prisoners of War (POW)

Last but not least, you may also capture enemy wounded soldiers or stranded crew, each of them being rewarded with cash as bonus when you secure them.

To do so, you have to give a rifleman a Capture order over an area containing enemy crew/wounded. Crew members may move (although slowly) and try to escape, so you will have to catch them (all!) before they do so.


Infantry units able to secure POW are:

For US Army: Marine, SniperDelta.
For Cartel: Contractor, PunisherVanguard.
For Chimera: Felin, ExosoldierSAS.

If a soldier is already in close vicinity to a potential POW, he will secure him automatically.

Let’s start #06 : Advanced economics

This done, if your are playing the US Army and have a Field Hospital, you will be allowed to trade a POW for Aluminum or Rare-Earth.

If you play Cartel and have a Barracks with the Prison Module attached, five POW will grant the building the capacity to generate Aluminum.

For Chimera, in the Prison, you’ll find the option to trade POW for Aluminum or Rare earth.

Therefore, POW can prove very useful, especially in late game, to compensate for the exhaustion of some resources … and thus keep you in the fight.




  • Anonymous
    July 6, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    Hey, Bigoudi, are u from Russia or another post soviet country? (Your nick quite remind of something soviet)

  • [EUG]MadMat
    July 6, 2015 at 5:30 pm

    “Bigoudi” is a French word, meaning that:

    • Anonymous
      July 6, 2015 at 9:42 pm

      I know that) thise “things” were wery popular in USSR, that’s why I asked. Thanks for answer any way!

  • Gorax
    July 7, 2015 at 11:48 am

    J’ai adoré le principe des Banks dans Act of War qui permettent des combat en début de game intéressants avec de l’infanterie pour les capturer mais avec l’artillerie elles devenaient rapidement inutilisables, enfin c’est mon point de vue 🙂

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