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Steel Division: Normandy 44 - Press Review

Steel Division: Normandy 44 – Press Review

We briefly mentioned in a previous article how much we were pleased about the positive feedback shared by the community and the press. Indeed, with a very good 84 Metacritic score, Steel Division: Normandy 44 is generally seen as a refreshing and challenging Tactical RTS.

We would like to share with you some of the reviews we read on the web, from the general spirit of the game to more specific features. We hope this little press review will help new players make their choice and land in Normandy with us!


“Steel Division isn’t like other RTS games” (PC Games N)

Many reviews recognize Eugen Systems’s “touch” for RTS but also emphasize the specific additions to Steel Division: Normandy 44 in terms of gameplay, graphics, and historical details. At Eugen Systems, we are proud to have created an innovative game, without resting on our laurels.

“It’s a historical wargame where the fun of the game and the accuracy of the history are intertwined (…) it’s escalated both the production values and tactical complexity, with remarkable success.” IGN

“The adrenaline of pulling together a coordinated attack is priceless, and Steel Division is all about chaining these moments together, directed as they are by an aggressive tie to historical realism.” GAMESPOT

Eugen Systems has surpassed itself with this title, after the famous “Wargame” and the “Act of War” saga, Steel Division is an inevitable title in the library of every RTS enthusiast.” (translation) SERIAL GAMER.IT

“One of the most interesting and best-run proposal in recent years in the field of strategy.” (translation) IGN SPAIN

With its slower pace than a real RTS, Steel Division operates our brain rather than reflexes. And it leaves us time to savor the result … or make up the disaster.” (translation) MERLANFRIT.NET

A unique graphic personality

Our art team has always been committed to delivering the best-looking game possible. Thanks to our IrisZoom we’ve been able to highlight the Normandy’s distinctive landscapes and we’re pleased to read that our game is found visually attractive!

“One thing can be said for Steel Division is that it looks fantastic from top to bottom.” GAME WATCHER

“The Iris Zoom, the graphic engine, does wonders: it manages a magnificent zoom, from the small grove where our scout is located to a nearly satellite vision above the clouds. It’s simply amazing.” (translation) GAMEBLOG

“When compared to others games of the type that were made a few years ago, the graphic improvements of Steel Division: Normandy 44 are obvious. The battlefields are impressive, the models of the soldiers, tanks and planes are extraordinary, the buildings and their destruction are generally in a good state, all to improve our experience of the game.” (translation) NEWESC

A game “for those who want to live and breath WWII” (The Sixth Axis)

It was essential to capture the unique spirit of the Normandy campaign, a legacy that many of us in the studio shared. We are proud to see that the authenticity of WW2, through the historic accuracy and Steel Division’s own atmosphere, is well-received. With more than 400 units meticulously transcribed, players feel like a commander in battle, directing their customized battlegroups in the “Hedgerow Hell”.

“SD captures the essence of the fighting in Normandy better than many weightier wargames.” ROCK PAPER SHOTGUN

“With 400 different, historically accurate units to field or fight against, Steel Division’s hard to criticise on either breadth or depth.” THE BLOG BOX

“The Normandy landing is a hackneyed theme, but Steel Division offers a more detailed look at this event than most popular games, mainly through its divisions and its detailed maps.” (translation) GRY ONLINE

Key features that add to strategic depth

The frontline is a winning bet, a visual signature and an effective gameplay feature, described as “Eugen’s best trick” by PC Games N. Other features such as the 3-Phase system or the suppression mechanic also change the way players apprehend the game.

“The front lines are perhaps the most crucial element to the gameplay. (…) It’s a brilliant upgrade from the traditional “fog of war” system that many RTS games employ.” DESTRUCTOID

“The phase system makes Steel Division varied and fun, there is a lot of tactics to outsmart the enemy over time.” (translation) GAMER.NO

“The many subtleties of the combat system guarantee exciting encounters, from the well-thought-out supply model over the realistic units and weapons to morality, line of sight and cover.” (translation) GAMERS GLOBAL

Bootcamp, Campaign, Skirmish, Multiplayer

With Steel Division: Normandy 44, we wanted to make a game enjoyable for different types of player: solo players, multi-ranked aficionados, RTS pro-gamers but also for the new Cadets not familiar with this kind of game.

“(…) near-perfect skirmish and multiplayer modes (…) Eugen’s MP apparatus is so friendly and flexible, the opportunities for co-op combat so enticing, it’s bally hard to resist the lure of the lobby.“ ROCK PAPER SHOTGUN

“The Solo campaign (and Boot Camp for total beginners), which is probably the best Eugen have created to date, is a great way to experience the nuances of play at a more casual pace.” STRATEGY GAMER


All of these positive feedback were very rewarding, but negative ones, both from the press and the community, were also very helpful. We will always do our best to deliver the most enjoyable game, and every review helps us in this process! We are still working day after day on Steel Division: Normandy 44 to improve the stability and the balance, dedicated to providing a fulfilling and challenging experience.


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