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Wargame: Red Dragon‘s Map Pack #3 is in the pipeline …

As for the previous Map Packs, it will bring you a new map ported from EE and ALB classic ones and 4 variants of existing maps. Yet this time it will aslo bring some modifications to the maps released in the two previous packs, based on community feedbacks.

Designers’ choice

While Highway & TMI were the community’s golden boys, hence why we have delivered them in priority, this third map can be considered as the “designers’ choice”.

Thüringer Wald, a map released with European Escalation‘s third and last DLC Fatal Error, is quite dear to us and it was decided to remake it as soon as we planned those map packs. It is a map of canyons, hills and peaks: in Fatal Error‘s solo campaign, the player had to secure the main road to move a convoy through it, under pressure from both flanks.

A perfect scenery to re-enact 9 ROTA (9th Company)’s convoy ambush scene.  😉


Always two there are

As with the two previous Packs’ new/ported maps, Thüringer Wald will come in Red Dragon in two versions (Snake Pit & Crossroads), each of them playable in both Conquest and Destruction mode. Meaning a total of four variants.

Both variants are set for 3v3 games, with Snake Pit bringing back the “original flavor”: two deployable zones and the main road acting as the front line between the two sides.

Crossroads is an original setting, with the map rotated at a 90° angle, in which both side deploy on a single zone at each end of the main road. Therefore, the trick will be to prevent the enemy from using the latter to drive straight to your main reinforcement zone, all the while capturing the adjacent hills to secure the crossroads below. Once there, overlooking and controlling the crossroads, you’ll be able to move your forces along the enemy flanks. 

But always beware when it comes to crossroads, you never know whom you could encounter …



  • Greyhound dal bych Wargame
    January 15, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Looks glorious, any info on balance patch?

  • RPPKImTheJackel
    January 16, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Me want, give me now

  • Lynx57
    February 4, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    Merci Eugen pour le suivi sur ce jeu grandiose.
    C’est du sérieux.
    Une version WW2 serait la bienvenue , le succès commercial dépasserait red dragon …
    J’ai fait quelques sondages dans les salons de jeu , tout le monde serait partant !
    2000 000 de copies vendues facilement …

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