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Let’s start #10 : Cartel special

With the imminence™ of the “Cartel+Zoom” patch launch, today’s “Let’s start” is dedicated to the most vicious faction in Act of Aggression.

The third faction to be added in the beta, also known as ‘The shadow army’, indeed focuses on optical camouflage and infiltration. Here are a few tips to better the odds of winning in Cartel’s very own… duplicitous way.  

Barracks, Barracks everywhere

The “Force Projection” upgrade in the HQ allows you to build Barracks anywhere on the map.

While you can build an Artillery turret next to it, you can quickly establish a perfect combination of a defensive and offensive position.


Furthermore, if you use the “Medical Subcontractors” upgrade (also located in the HQ), your Barracks will gain the ability to heal nearby infantry units.

Imagine the infantry entrenched in a bank fighting to keep the position while being healed.

2015-07-31 18_01_03-Act Of Aggression - DirectX 11 - Release - X_ - 64 Bits

While your construction helicopter can travel via a safe way, you can also spawn a Barracks behind the enemy lines. But we have to warn you this technique is a bit touchy, as a matter of fact your helicopter can be intercepted by the enemy and destroyed within all its resources…


You can transport stealth infantry in a stealth unit and infiltrate bases and other enemie’s position. Try for instance to send a Scout CGS  transporting four Vanguards to take a bank. If your enemy hasn’t got any anti-stealth units, you’ll rob the bank… unnoticed.

The “Advanced optical camouflage” upgrade in the Stealth Lab  allows the Spectre to remain hidden even when firing at an enemy.

A Comanche is also perfect if you want to deal damage, for instance against a Refinery, in an area where your opponent hasn’t got any anti-stealth.

And there’s an upgrade in the Accelerator that conceals all the buildings in its perimeter.

… And its Achilles’ heel

If you are playing against Cartel, bet on anti-stealth devices and units.

In a Cartel base, aim for the Tokamaks that explodes in a (very) big boom.


The same principle applies to Artillery turrets.

You can also weaken your enemy by exploding his supply lines. As the Cartel can’t build advanced command posts, their supply helicopters sometimes need to fly from one distant place to the base and can thus be intercepted.




  • Reborn:X
    August 5, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    Accelerator… that sounds like a almost direct reference to the NOD stationary & mobile stealth generators of the early 21st century, cool.

    Will the Cartel have some kind of a deep back story written for them in the future? Because it looks like a pop culture “Illuminate shadow army” sprinkled with some with good old fashioned NOD fanaticism that although makes the old Consortium look like a fight club of oligarchs…


  • Rick Francis
    August 5, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    Cant wait to get home and check this out. Will there be any new maps released today? I posted a thread on Steam about the Map a line through it. We were hoping to get a 4 player version of this map. I hope you guys at EUG will make that happen.

    Thanks EUG, you guys are awesome.

  • Pablo
    August 5, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    Nice “Let´s Start” …interesting facts about the third army in this game. i´m also pretty curious and wit for the patch to be loaded 😉

    Keep it up EUGEN SYSTEMS! 😉

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