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“Zoom Out and Cartel” Patch is coming

We’ll launch a big patch in a few moments, all the improvements will be published in a patch log.

In the meantime, this post highlights the main new features.

ZOOM OUT AND mouse wheel access

We’ve told you everything about the incoming “zoom out” patch here, so you already know we’ve been working on the zoom level. The result is a 30-40% smooth zoom out (pretty much what the community is asking).

We also added an option in the Gameplay options menu, that blocks the satellite view access with the mouse wheel.

We also addressed requests from the community, such as removing the inertia when scrolling the camera, and adding a Gameplay option that allows you to tweak the camera speed from Very Fast, Fast, Normal, Slow, to Very Slow.

“Zoom Out and Cartel” Patch is coming
“Zoom Out and Cartel” Patch is coming


CARTEL ARMY & AI available

 The third playable faction of Act ofAggression makes its grand appearance. Cartel and the Cartel AI is available in all levels of difficulty.

Here are a few tips to start with the most stealth army of the game.

And keep in mind that all the previous tutorials are still valid


NEW GAME MODE: Free for all

Here lies the heroes

Here lies the heroes

Fourth point of contact

Fourth point of contact

Lost runway

Lost runway

The first two FFA maps (also playable in 2 vs 2) will be unlocked:”Fourth Point of Contact” and “Lost Runway”. Another 1 vs 1 map “Here lie the heroes” will also be added.

They’ll join the group already containing Battle Sight Zero (1 vs 1), Walk through the valley of death (1 vs 1) , A river runs through it (1 vs 1), Rock and a hard place (2 vs 2), Hold the line (3 vs 3) and Strawberry Minefield (4 vs 4, 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2).

  • Here Lie The Heroes : 1 v 1

Game Designer Fabien “SuperFab” Reiner tells us more about these maps and how they are supposed to be played : ” It’s a 1 v 1 map where infantry has a great role to play. And where you’ll have to elaborate a strategy rather than rushing to the enemy. Indeed the map features two island with many buildings and a bank. This means that when a player claims one of these positions, you’ll might have to obliterate everything to drive him out and find a way through.” 

  • Fourth Point of Contact : 2 v 2 or 4 FFA

“This map is bigger than the one we’ve previously released. The distance between the bases are great and plateaus between allied bases feature many resources fields. You have to claim them otherwise it will be hard to win if the enemy takes position there. You also have a big bank on the center of the map, on an island.”

  • Lost Runway : 2 vs 2 or 4 FFA

“It’s a small and concentrated map. You’ll have to play aggressively, and very fastly. I’d say it’s a map dedicated to advanced players. There are many banks, a very urban center, plateaus. You can hide more easily but the manoeuvers will take more time.”



Ingame players status

Ingame players list is appearing in the chat window, displaying their ping and possible ‘defeated’ status.

Every player is also displayed in its team color, so you can review teams’ composition at a glance.


“Zoom Out and Cartel” Patch is coming

Airplanes feedbacks

Deployed airplanes now show their ammos thanks to icons, as well as their remaining fuel in the form of a fuel bar under their health, on the left part of the screen. This was also a feedback often asked by the community, and we think it greatly improves readability and comprehension of the airplanes mechanics.

Airplanes will also display all of their resupplying progressions when hovering a type of plane in the airport panel.



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