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Get ready to play Phase 3 of the Steel Division 2 beta – Now Live!

Commanders, we hope you are ready to jump back into the brutal battlefields of the Eastern Front – Phase 3 of the Steel Division 2 beta is now live! Having listened to your feedback, once again, you’ll be able to play over the weekend. Everyone who has pre-ordered Steel Division 2 can access Phase 3 of the beta, which will run a full five days until Tuesday, the 23rd of April.

If you have pre-ordered Steel Division 2 on Steam, a new game, called “Steel Division 2 – Beta” is available on your account. If you have pre-purchased the game through our online shop, on Humble Bundle or Gamesplanet, your key has been sent by email and/or is available in your humble/gamesplanet account.

As with the previous beta rounds, we have added a ton of new content in the third phase. In Phase 3 of the Steel Division 2 you will find:

  • 4 Divisions: The 20. Panzerdivision, the 29th Tank Corps, as well as the 78. Sturmdivision, the 26th Guards Rifle Division
  • Three Game Modes: Conquest, Closer Combat and Breakthrough, featuring the brand-new Defensive Structures
  • Three Maps: Autobahn zum Hölle, Vitebsk East (now updated with a new lighting, new minimap and tons of fixes) and the well-known Orsha North
  • And of course, the new 5-player coop mode!

Each new phase will bring more content, fixes, new units and Divisions, and new ways to fight!

Together with you, we’ll make a better Steel Division 2.

Useful links:

As always, we can’t do without your feedback. Don’t forget to let us know if you encounter an issue, share any bug reports, and leave us your thoughts. Together with you, we’ll make a better Steel Division 2.

Good luck on the battlefield, commander!

Papa Yankee

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