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Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

Just like ground units, each faction in Act of Aggression has its distinctive features when it comes to aircrafts.

Whatever the faction, you will manage your aircrafts from the Air Control Center. This building will be made available once you have upgraded your HQ to an advanced tiers, respectively DEFCON 2 (US Army), SHIELD Protocol (Chimera) and Black Ops (Cartel).

Us air control center

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

Chimera air control center

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

Cartel air control center

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

In each Air Control Center, you will be able to produce three different aircrafts, depending on the use you want to make of them.

First, foe each faction, an air superiority fighter is available. They are dedicated to air-to-air combat, to escort your other planes or to intercept enemy ones.
Although they cover the same role and are quite similar in their original variant, several upgrades available to each of them will soon clearly distinguish one from another …

US F-35 B Lightning

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

Chimera PAK FA

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

Cartel Berkut

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

The remaining planes are more diversified depending on the faction you are playing.

For instance, Chimera has cheap but weak stealth drones (Corax & nEUROn). Middle game, you can surprise your enemy by sending him a great deal of these expendable units.

While the US Army can rely on the B-2 Spirit light bomber, expensive but very efficient. An ideal choice of weapon, short of a tactical one, when you want to make a difference in late game by razing the enemy’s base to the ground.


Chimera Neuron

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

US B-2 Spirit

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

In the control panel which appears when you build an Air Control Center, you will find a display of the icons of the faction’s aircrafts and upgrades. Among the latter, you will find radars and bombing capacity’s enhancement, improved detection range, missiles deflection systems, … 

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

You may manage up to three aircrafts per Air Control Center. Icons are displayed on each building, showing you how many air units are at your disposal.

To give an attack order, just click on the plane(s) in the control panel. If there are several planes of the same model available, click as many times as you want one to join the squadron. 

A ghost of the plane(s) appears on the ground to show you where it will strike. To confirm their destination, another click and the air strike is launched.


Let’s start #07 : Air Combat
Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

Once the air strike is completed, aircrafts need to fly back to their off-map base to refuel and rearm. Their icon will then blink.

The duration of their unavailability depends on several factors such as the number of missiles they have launched during the strike, the time they have spent in the air (hence the quantity of fuel to refill) or the damages it has received (and needing repair), …

Fighters will not be the sole way to counter air strikes: some ground units will be able to engage them too, such as anti-aircraft turrets or specialized infantry. But against advanced planes, the best defense remains the air superiority fighter.

US F-22 Raptor

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

Chimera Corax

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

Cartel Valkyrie

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat

Cartel X-32

Let’s start #07 : Air Combat



To sum up the list of aircrafts available to each faction:

US Army

F-35B Lightning (Ground attack – efficient against vehicles)
F-22 Raptor (Air superiority fighter – efficient against aircrafts)
B-2 Spirit (Light bomber – efficient against buildings)


Corax (Unarmed recon drone – optical camouflage – able to detect stealth units)
PAK FA (Air superiority fighter – very efficient against aircrafts)
nEUROn (Ground attack drone – very efficient against vehicles & buildings)


Berkut (Air superiority fighter- efficient against aircrafts)
X-32 (Light bomber – efficient against vehicles and can detect ground stealth units)
Valkyrie (Supersonic bomber with napalm bombs – very efficient against infantry and buildings)





  • apostremo
    July 13, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    A little disorder got into the mix. The first and the last paragraph is about air superiority fighters. In the first the USA ground attacker is mixed in, while the Americas Anti Air is in the last paragraph with Cartels Small and big bombers (?)
    Other than that nice write up, I’m hyped for the Napalm bombers!

  • Jay
    July 13, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    Looking great! The environments look awesome! Will there be snowy maps, too?

  • demmalition1
    July 14, 2015 at 7:18 am

    Love the little details on the aircraft portraits that help you identify their role at a glance.

    Air superiority:
    Shot from below, firing 2x missiles

    Fighter/bomber, recon:
    Profile shot with a slight angle

    Frontal shot with a slightly upward angle.

    Looking forward to this game so much! I’m curious if the Valkyrie’s speed will help it out more over the B2’s stealth or the nEUROn’s versatility. This is kinda a napalm’ed up Consortium bomber from AoW, while the nEUROn is an A-10 without the Gatling gun (and possibly more bombs).

  • Сергей Чернышов
    July 14, 2015 at 11:35 am

    Winchester! Winchester!

  • Mick
    July 19, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    When windows upgrades I take it this game will stop working on newer version OS, like Act of war did.

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