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Let’s start #11 : Prisoners of war

You already know how to capture prisoners and that they automatically grant you 500$. Let’s now have a look at what to do with them.

Let’s start #11 : Prisoners of war


The Field Hospital can hold up to 15 POW. Detained POW generates $.

There are two options in the building’s menu allowing you to trade prisoners for alu or rare-earth. “Prisoner Exchange 1” trades 1 POW for 1000 alu.

Prisoner Exchange 2” trades 1 POW for 250 rare-earth.

Let’s start #11 : Prisoners of war


When you have built a Barracks, you can have a Prison that can hold up to 10 prisoners of war.

Two options are then available in the building’s menu, once you’ve completed the Shield and Sword Protocols :

Humanitarian Corridor 1” allows you to trade 5 POW for 1500 rare-earth.

And more efficient, “Humanitarian Corridor 2” trades 10 POW for 3500 rare-earth.

It is a good way to speed up the super-weapon race (remember that an Omega Blitzer costs 2000 alu + 1000 rare-earth) or to counter a super-weapons attack : the Anti-Ballistic Center costs 1750 alu + 250 rare-earth elements and the Antey-2500 costs 1000 $ and 500 rare-earth elements.


Let’s start #11 : Prisoners of war


Barracks can receive a “Prison module” extension, permitting you to hold up to 5 prisoners of war. The “Ransom network” upgrade doubles the income generated by these POW.

You may choose to turn the prison into an “Aluminium Module“: the POWs are gone, but the new building generates 10 alu per second. The latter building loses the ability to hold further prisoners and is accessible once you achieved the Black Ops upgrade.  


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