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Wargame: Red Dragon‘s ‘Map Pack #2’ will be released … soon!  😉

As for Map pack #1, it will bring Red Dragon another 6 new multiplayer maps, all of them coming in both Conquest & Destruction modes, making a total of 12 variations. 

  • (1v1) Punchbowl
  • (1v1) Hell in a very small place
  • (3v3) Wrecks and Rocks
  • (3v3) 38th Perpendicular
  • (4v4) Final Meltdown
  • (4v4) Sun of Juche

The new version of Three Miles Island map, with its two different settings (Final Meltdown & Sun of Juche), has already been introduced here & here, therefore let’s focus on the other four.

King of the Hill

With the relief in the middle of the battlefield, Hell in a very small place‘s version of Another D-Day in Paradise offers a much more contested central position.

Special thanks to Firestarter for the original idea.  🙂

The Triangle

Punchbowl‘s setting introduces a triangular design in which going straight for the most direct road between the two deployment zones might not be the best of ideas. Instead, one should deploy on his flanks in order to score points. But doing so, would expose themselves to a frontal offensive …

Players will therefore have to find the proper equilibrium between map control and reactivity to the enemy’s movements.

Set Square

As its name implies, 38th Perpendicular is a 90°-rotated version of 38th Parallel, a concept which was proposed by many, including during the LD contest.

This version is a mix of several proposals made by community members.

The Delta

Wrecks & Rocks is a 45°-rotated version of Korea Rocks. The new setting highlights the most interesting (combat-wise) natural reliefs of the map, such as the plateaus, the tangle of rivers to be crossed, …


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